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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

It's Hot, Go Coverless!

When #Little2 was born, we quickly learned how sensitive her skin was! We couldn't use any PUL on her and I started making fleece covers for her to wear. Summers were BRUTAL here in Nebraska. Hot and Humid days were the worst, and those days, even the fleece covers were not breathable enough for her sensitive little tushy. What was our solution? GO COVERLESS! 

If you are home or outside, and can keep an eye on your Little for wetness, this truly is the best option for sensitive skinned or sweaty babies.

Check out all the options available from Sweet Pea Diapers!

Upper Left = Prefolds These are available in 3 sizes and fit babies from 6lbs up to and over 35lbs. In order to go coverless, you will need a Snappi or Pins to keep the in place.

Lower Center = Flats These are one size and can be folded to fit any baby! In the photo above, I did the Newborn Mini-Kite Fold. I also love the Diaper Bag and Airplane Folds. Again, you'll need a Snappi or Pins to keep the in place.

Upper Right = The brand new Sweet Pea One Size Fitted Diaper! These fit babies from approximately 8-35lbs. But I say it all the time, these are generously sized diapers, and will fit most babies beyond the 35lbs.

Here is a great photo of the 3 sizes of prefolds, so you can see how the compare to each other. Keep in mind that these are UNWASHED.

Gonna be on the beach all day? While your Little isn't in the water, grab a quick and easy Fitted, Sun Hat and UV Shirt to help protect that delicate skin. Of course, we have lots of other swim gear. Go have fun while It's Hot, Go Coverless!!!

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Find our Brick & Mortar Store at
324 W Norfolk Ave
Norfolk, NE 68701

or Shop Online with Free USA Shipping on MOST items. Prefolds, Flats and Detergents do incur a shipping charge due to the high weight and cost of shipping these items.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June News

Bravado Nursing Tanks Sale

$15 off Bravado Nursing Tanks 

Use Code 15TANK Final Sale
Anita Nursing Bra Sale

Clearance: All Anita Bras

Priced As Is. Final Sale

Natural Littles News 

June Sales, Updates, New Products and Fun

Summer has begun and if you're like me, you're adjusting to having more Littles home (or at work with you!) during the day than you've had for the past 9 months. It's taking some adjusting, but I think we're going to make it! I say that after just 2 weeks, the first of which, the oldest Littles were visiting Grandma.

We didn't get a chance to do any "Spring Cleaning" at the store, so we're starting a little early. I assume you noticed the $15 Off Bravado Tank and $30 Anita Bras from the photos above. Click the pictures and you will be taken to the product pages.

Below, you will find links to all bumGenius products. We will not be restocking the colors that have been discontinued (Dazzle, Clementine, Twilight, Noodle, and Moonbeam). Also, grab up what we have left in Econobum Products, at discounted prices, as those are bidding a farewell to Natural Littles as well.

Next up, in the photos below, you will see a preview of what is coming! We've done some testing and have decide that Leslie's Boutique bags are a superior choice in wet bags and they are in transit to our store. They are not listed yet! In the meantime, take 10% off the remaining stock of Planet Wise bags with the coupon code: PW10OFF

Another sale you would have only seen on Facebook is that we have decide to go withSweet Pea Prefolds from here on out, so we are offering FREE SHIPPING on our remaining Toddler Size Imagine Prefolds, which normally carry a $5 charge.

We also have a large shipment of My Swim Baby products on the way and just restocked Aden+Anais!

bumGenius discontinued colors
We decided it was time for a NEW wet bag in our store. Don't bother clicking, as they aren't here yet.....
In the meantime, grab what we have left in Planet Wise bags at 10% off, while supplies last. Coupon: PW10OFF

Do not miss a thing!

Sign up for our text message alerts to be alerted to special savings, exclusive coupons, new product, LIMITED EDITION RELEASES and more! Get a 5% off coupon simply for signing up. Only 1 coupon per purchase, so choose your coupons wisely. Happy Shopping, and thank you for supporting our independently owned and operated Cloth Diaper and Natural Parenting Boutique, located in Norfolk, NE. 



Friday, January 23, 2015

Newsletter for January 23, 2015

Natural Littles, located at
324 W Norfolk Ave
Norfolk, NE 68701

Our goal is to help you raise your Littles as Naturally as YOU want. We have first hand experience in several parenting methods (breastfeeding, formula feeding, cloth diapers, disposable diapers, store bough baby foods, homemade foods, co-sleeping, cribs, etc) that are not typical of most natural parenting stores. We all do our best to make sure our Littles are happy and safe and we're here SUPPORT you in your parenting journey!

Check out our selection of Cloth Diapers, Diapering Accessories, Skin Care, Laundry Products, Essential Oils, Baltic Amber, Baby Carriers, Nursing Bras, Breastfeeding Accessories, Toys, Blankets, Gifts and so much more coming every day!

Tuesday 11-5
Wednesday 11-5
Thursday 11-6
Friday 11-5
Saturday 10-4

or online every day at:

We've Got New Things!

When you support us, we grow for you!

We are BEYOND THRILLED to announce that we have established an agreement with Under The Nile and will be receiving our first of two shipments from them very soon. This is a line of ORGANIC, ethically made, practical and AFFORDABLE children's clothing. Our first shipment will include a limited stock from their Winter Line, with the much larger shipment from the Spring Line shipping to us in mid-February. We are so blessed to be able to add this line to our store. It's only with the support of our amazing customers that we are able to grow in this very competitve industry.

Something else you'll be seeing very soon, are additional items from aden+anais. This is a brand that has done exceptionally well for us over the past year and again, because of your support, and by your requests, we will be increasing stock and adding a few new products from them as well. We are always willing to special order products from this, or any, line. All you have to do is ask!

A line we've had for awhile now, but you may not have noticed, is Aura Cacia Organic Essential Oils. Essential oils are a fabulous way to treat multiple ailments or moods without the introduction of chemicals into our bodies. Stop in to see what scent we're diffusing in ourvaporizer! Thursday was Clove Bud. I am leaning toward a little cinnamon for Friday. Brittney gets to pick Saturday.

And last, a little personal note from Erica, owner, 24/7 business operator and mom:
You may have noticed a them of "support" when I was introducing new products above, and that was quite intentional. As a locally owned, private business, we SUPPORT our community and SUPPORT our customers. Every ounce of support we get back from you is truly appreciated. I would like to thank you for that. It means the world to me when you bring your precious babies into our store and allow me to help you on your parenting journey. I LOVE what I do, even on the bad days. Thank you for your past, current and future SUPPORT!

Erica Robertson
Natural Littles, LLC


Friday, December 5, 2014

Theme a Day Toy Sales!

To our Loyal Customers,

Every day, I get to come to work and help beautiful moms and dads, or grandparents, aunts, or even uncles, etc., find just what they need for their Littles. Sometimes it's as simple as an amber necklace, other times it's an entire baby registry. We THANK YOU for looking to us for your parenting needs.

Please make sure to help spread the word about our little store, the amazing products we offer and the customer service we are here to provide. We love what we have built in our community and hope to be here for years to come!

Our goals for 2015 are to find those products you love the most. Maybe it will be more of what we have now, maybe something brand new. You just never know with us! We also hope to get more frequent classes going and maybe even some support groups and play dates.

Thank you again,
John, Erica, and the Littles

Theme a Day Toy Sales!

We've created 13 themes to get us through to Christmas. Tuesday-Friday.
Surprises on Saturdays!

Did you miss out on our toy sales this past week? Don't fret! We've decided to come up with some super fun Themes and offer discounts, daily, based upon a Theme. Every day, we'll take a photo and share it on our Instagram Account (@natural_littles), which will also appear on our Facebook Page of the toys in the Theme a Day Sale.

Here is a list of Themes and the dates they will be available:
You can also search "Daily Toys" on our website each day.

Wednesday, December 4th: On the Farm
Thursday, December 5th: Things that Fly
Friday, December 6th: In the Kitchen

Tuesday, December 9th: At the Zoo
Wednesday, December 10th: Going to Work
Thursday, December 11th: Sort it Out
Friday, December 12th: Trains & Tracks

Tuesday, December 16th: Ahoy!
Wednesday, December 17th: Pull me Along
Thursday, December 18th: Off to the Races
Friday, December 19th: Chew on That

Tuesday, December 23rd: Let's Snuggle

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Black Friday Sales Announced

Happy BLACK Friday and
Small Business Saturday and
Cyber Monday!

Text NLCloth to 51660 and receive the password for early shopping, starting at 7pm. Otherwise, the website will be unlocked tomorrow morning around 8am.

Please Save the 5% off code for your next purchase as they will not work with these sales.


Holiday Hours:
Small Business Saturday: 9-4
Sunday: Closed
Monday: 10-3

Thirty-One Gifts:Clearance Sale! In store Only! Separate transaction from the store.

15% off 4.0s, Freetimes, Elementals Flip One Size Covers, Flip Training Kits and Econobum Kits.
ELEMENTALS - I have listed the ones we have ordered and any orders including Elementals will be slightly delayed.
We also have a few remaining Martins in a couple styles.
We may not have everything in stock, but we will order them and have them in the store within two weeks, so long as you purchase in the store, during the sale.
10% off all other in stock bumGenius and Flip products/accessories.


30% off IN STOCK product only

My Swim Baby Swim Diapers, Hats and UV Shirts:30% off IN STOCK product only

Eco Vessel:30% off IN STOCK product only

lillebaby & Baby K'tan Carriers:20% off IN STOCK product only

Toys & Teethers (amber included, Begin Again Stocking Stuffers Excluded):15% off IN STOCK product only

Get a FREE Stocking Stuffer from Begin Again Toys for every $50 spend on TOYS. IN STORE ONLY!

Everything else is 10% off! That's right EVERYTHING ELSE!!!

We have a selection of products discounted 30% or more off in store as well (cups, sun screens, mama cloth, etc.)

We'll also have some surprises in store. 

SnuggyBaby:25% off Ring Slings FRIDAY ONLY
25% off Diapers and Inserts SATURDAY ONLY
25% off Wraps MONDAY ONLY

Friday, November 14, 2014

bumGenius Detergent Review

As a retailer, I do my best to only carry only the BEST products on the market. In order to make sure that this is the case we test our products. Sometimes I do it myself, ask my beloved employee, Brittney, to try them or find a good friend/customer. I've stocked my Cleaning & Skin Care section carefully and meticulously, with products that work well and that our local customers have found to work for them.

When I first started on my Cloth Diaper Journey back in September of 2010 I purchased a complete stash of bumGenius diapers and detergent. I never had a problem with it, but when we opened our store I couldn't get the bumGenius line so I tried Eco Sprout.....then Rockin' Green.....then Charlie's Soap.......then back to Eco Sprout.......and now I'm back to bumGenius.

I opened my bag of bumGenus Detergent on September 5th and I still probably have 5-6 more loads left in the bag. I do my best to wash diapers every 2-3 days. We have a traditional (old school), top loading machine, VERY hard water and no water softener system. My wash routine consists of a short wash cycle on WARM/WARM, a long wash cycle on HOT/COLD and another short wash cycle on WARM/WARM. I put 2 scoops of detergent in the HOT/COLD wash and if there is a particularly large amount of poopy diapers in the load, I'll toss a scoop in the pre-wash cycle. I do NOT use bleach. I do NOT strip my diapers. I do NOT have stink issues. I DO have stains. No lies. I do. Stains, so long as your diapers do not stink, are CLEAN. If you take offense to stains, then I recommend some good old sunshine, even when it's cold, to bleach those blemishes out of your precious diapers.

Just remember one thing: They are designed to catch poop, so to think they will never stain is slightly unrealistic. 

So, it is safe to say that I will get 3 months of use out of one $15 bag of detergent. You can't complain about that, right? Will bumGenius be the answer to your washing issues? Maybe not. But it's very possible that it will. I'm here to help you through the transition if you'd like to try it out. 

Some other bumGenius products that may help you along your journey include:

The bumGenius Diaper Sprayer to help you get all that icky, stinky poop off the diapers.

And bumGenius Odor Remover to help control the stinkies in your wet bag and after washing.


We have recently launched a text message alert system, two in fact.

The first one (Text NLCloth to 51660) is for ALL of our loyal customers. This system will alert you to blog posts, news letters, specials, coupons, NEW RELEASES, restocking of popular product, etc. And when you sign up, you'll receive a coupon for use on your next online purchase.

The second one (Text NLLocals to 51660) is for our LOCAL CUSTOMERS ONLY. This system will be used to notify our local customers of in store only specials, local events, classes, playgroups, and WEATHER RELATED CLOSINGS. From time to time, we will also announce sales and new releases to our local customers in advance of our Facebook page posts.

Other things you should do include:

Like us on Facebook
Follow us on Twitter
Pin us on Pinterest
View us on Instagram
Call me 402-370-5770
See me 324 W Norfolk Ave, Norfolk, NE 68701

Friday, August 1, 2014


August Announcements Galore!!!!

Huge Announcements for Online Shoppers and Locals.

We're settling nicely into our new location. Strange how simply moving across the street can attract a whole new group of local customers. We love having more space to display product and let our own Littles run around. We're hoping to have our classroom usable very soon. To celebrate, we're going to do a few fun things in the month of August. Make sure to follow us on Facebook to stay up to date with additional sales and events! Thank you for supporting small, independently owned businesses like our own. We wouldn't be able to do what we love without our support.

On the North Side of Norfolk Avenue, you will find some sidewalk sales tomorrow. Planned participants are Natural Littles, 318 on the Avenue and Pat A Cake. We had chatted about this prior to finding out that our downtown district decided to do Dog Day Sales on Thursday the 7th. Some of the sales on Thursday will start around 8am, but with three children needing to get to daycare, we will delay until at least 9:00am and will likely have most sale items inside. The biggest line you will find on sale will be our used maternity section. We have decided to discontinue this program in hopes of adding an additional Nursing Bra line. We will also have 1 day sales on a few brands in store as well.
That's right. FREE SHIPPING!!!! We're doing this as a trial run for the month of August. If it goes well, we'll consider continuing with free shipping.

Addition Shipping Options

We will also be offering the following options:
Priority Mail:$5.00 Charge =  This does not give you priority over other packages, but ensures we will use USPS Priority Mail to ship your order in the order it was received.
Standard Insured: $5.00 Charge = This is the cheapest shipping method available to us with added insurance to cover the total of your purchase.
Priority Mail Insured: $10.00 Charge = This ensures USPS Priority Mail and insurance for the value of you order.
It's World Breastfeeding Week and Breastfeeding Awareness Month.

Watch for specials, both in store and online, on breastfeeding accessories. We are expecting a large shipment of Earth Mama Angel Baby Teas early next week. Please also join us on August 22nd for our Monthly Breastfeeding Open House. This is an opportunity for women to mingle with other breastfeeding moms and get assistance without attending a "meeting" or "class."

Breastfeed On, Mamas! It's hard work and we all need a shoulder once in awhile. Also, feel free to join our Facebook Group,Mom's Milk & More.