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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

It's Hot, Go Coverless!

When #Little2 was born, we quickly learned how sensitive her skin was! We couldn't use any PUL on her and I started making fleece covers for her to wear. Summers were BRUTAL here in Nebraska. Hot and Humid days were the worst, and those days, even the fleece covers were not breathable enough for her sensitive little tushy. What was our solution? GO COVERLESS! 

If you are home or outside, and can keep an eye on your Little for wetness, this truly is the best option for sensitive skinned or sweaty babies.

Check out all the options available from Sweet Pea Diapers!

Upper Left = Prefolds These are available in 3 sizes and fit babies from 6lbs up to and over 35lbs. In order to go coverless, you will need a Snappi or Pins to keep the in place.

Lower Center = Flats These are one size and can be folded to fit any baby! In the photo above, I did the Newborn Mini-Kite Fold. I also love the Diaper Bag and Airplane Folds. Again, you'll need a Snappi or Pins to keep the in place.

Upper Right = The brand new Sweet Pea One Size Fitted Diaper! These fit babies from approximately 8-35lbs. But I say it all the time, these are generously sized diapers, and will fit most babies beyond the 35lbs.

Here is a great photo of the 3 sizes of prefolds, so you can see how the compare to each other. Keep in mind that these are UNWASHED.

Gonna be on the beach all day? While your Little isn't in the water, grab a quick and easy Fitted, Sun Hat and UV Shirt to help protect that delicate skin. Of course, we have lots of other swim gear. Go have fun while It's Hot, Go Coverless!!!

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